At-home teeth whitening

Several factors can affect the natural color of your teeth, including age, tobacco, certain foods and colored drinks, poor dental hygiene, and even some medications.

Dentist-supervised teeth whitening is one of the safest, most efficient methods of brightening your smile. Although there are many over-the-counter products, their efficiency is limited.

Before you start a tooth whitening treatment, the dentist will perform a check-up, clean your teeth, and repair any cavities you may have. Then, he will check if there are any contraindications to the treatment and the nature of the discoloration. Once this is done, the dentist will take a dental impression to make customized trays.

The teeth whitening treatment is then carried out at home – simply follow your dentist’s instructions. You can reuse the trays for touch-ups; your dentist will explain it all to you in detail.

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