A dental crown is the ideal solution to restore a damaged, nonvital, or decayed tooth. It can reinforce the tooth and protect it from further damage. This treatment is used to save both the tooth and its root. The prosthesis will match your other teeth and be secured to the natural tooth using dental cement.

Advantages of crowns: 

  • Completely cover a broken or decayed tooth
  • Replace a tooth that has become nonvital after a root canal
  • Replace a tooth that underwent significant repairs
  • Replace a deformed or discolored tooth

This type of restoration requires two visits. During your first visit, the dentist will examine and prepare the tooth needing repairs. The permanent crown is installed during the second visit.

Steps for installing a dental crown:

  • Part of the tooth is removed to make room for the crown
  • An impression is taken of the tooth – it will be used to make the permanent crown
  • A temporary crown is installed to protect the tooth
  • The permanent prosthesis is made
  • During your second visit, the permanent crown is adjusted and secured using dental cement

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