Permanent bridge

This type of dental prosthesis is used to replace one or several missing teeth. A permanent bridge is made up of several artificial teeth (crowns). It is permanently attached to adjoining natural teeth or implants.

The dentist will prepare the adjoining teeth before taking an impression of your teeth. Then, a partial fixed prosthesis is made in the lab. Finally, a few days later, it is permanently secured to the adjoining teeth using dental cement.

Main advantages of a permanent bridge:

  • Embellish your smile
  • Improve your speech
  • Improve your digestion, by enabling you to better chew your food
  • Prevent adjoining teeth from migrating towards the empty space
  • Prevent the erosion of your natural teeth

Bridges can last for approximately 10 years if properly maintained. It is important to care for your bridges as though they were natural teeth. Follow the dentist’s instructions for cleaning under the bridge using dental floss.