Digital X-rays

X-rays are part of a routine dental check-up – they can detect dental anomalies at an early stage. Digital X-rays can detect problems that are invisible to the naked eye. This technology is very useful to check for cavities, jawbone density levels, the severity of gum disease, and the presence of abscesses.

The dentist will determine the frequency of X-rays according to your dental health. Several factors affect oral health: dental hygiene, nutrition, hereditary factors, gum disease, smoking, and overall health.

Advantages of digital X-rays:

  • Much lower radiation exposure than standard X-rays
  • Faster results
  • Very accurate diagnosis
  • Green technology (no toxic solution needed to develop images)
  • The digital images can be sent to insurance companies and other dental professionals

Don’t underestimate the importance of regular dental cleaning and check-ups. It’s important for your health!